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Accelerate Compliance to Avoid Stress

Advanced Contract Analytics powered by AI compliments your internal expertise giving you the ability to quickly comply with changing market conditions and emerging regulations improving business resilience and agility.

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Inconsistent Formats? No Problem.

We make it simple to find, classify and extract critical contract data from volumes of complex, inconsistently formatted documents—regardless of type.

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Inconsistent Formats_ No Problem.

Intuitive Dashboards for Quick Decisions

Make important decisions easier for everyone — including your Centers of Excellence — with data dashboards that let you quickly visualize, filter and route content to your workflows.

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Eliminate the Risk of “Dark” Data (And Find its Value)

Automatically locate the silent killer — siloed, “dark” data hidden in workflows, lost in file shares or archived to ECM systems or the cloud. Automation and AI efficiently surfaces essential data from “dark” contracts.

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Empower Your Team with Data-Driven Insights

Regulatory compliance is so complex, nuanced and ever-changing that reacting to ongoing changes can seem impossible—until now. Adlib's software lets you find, analyze and adjust to changing regulations and business needs.

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End Frustration & Standardize Critical Documents

Automate how content is acquired, accessed, leveraged, and delivered. Use our high-volume OCR solution to analyze vast volumes of image-based documents, turning them into searchable assets.

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End Frustration _ Standardize Critical Documents

How Intelligent Data Helps

See how using Adlib’s intelligent-data approach is helping leaders from all over the globe sleep better at night.

Chief Risk Officer
Chief Risk Officer
Shows the profit and loss risk that lies in existing contracts
Chief Compliance Officer
Chief Compliance Officer
Helps align all contracts with the new regulations
Chief Legal Counsel
Chief Legal Counsel
Provides early risk discovery to align all contracts with new regulations
Chief Technology Officer
Chief Technology Officer
Accelerates time to value by delivering shared services to support multiple business stakeholders
Business Leaders
Business Leaders
Assures them that disruption will be small, and reputations protected