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Turbocharge RPA and Deliver Enhanced Customer Experiences

Use automated and trainable AI to surface data from complex content fueling your RPA bots and driving full end to end automation. Free up your team to perform meaningful, high-value tasks for customers that require human strengths such as empathy, reasoning and judgement.

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Automate mundane rules-based business processes

End-to-End Automation. Fully Realized 

With complete visibility into data locked in unstructured content enterprises can now deliver true end-to-end process automation with intelligent data to fuel Robotic Process Automation and much more.


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Eliminate non-value added tasks

Supercharge RPA Engines with Intelligent Data 

Boost RPA results with intelligence from AI, ML, and NLP that automate higher-order tasks.

  1. Leverage the combined power of RPA and AI to extract greater intelligence. from information-intensive processes.
  2. Transform data trapped in complex document to fuel RPA engines and drive complete automation.
  3. Mobilize content with OCR to surface & extract valuable data locked in e-mails, agreements, contracts, CAD drawings and more.
  4. Optimize data migration, cloud migration and technology consolidation projects. 
  5. Safeguard sensitive information and maintain PII security compliance by identifying and addressing potential vulnerabilities.
  6. Drive data transparency across the enterprise for improved data governance, auditability and regulatory compliance.

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