Special Deposit Account
Who is eligible to open this account?
  • A Sri Lanka individual resident in or outside Sri Lanka
  • Dual Citizens
  • Citizens of other states with Sri Lankan origin
  • A non-national resident in or outside Sri Lanka
  • Funds, corporate bodies, associations incorporated/registered outside Sri Lanka
  • Any other well-wisher
How to open a Nations Special Deposit account?

Permitted Credits

  • Inward remittances in foreign currency received from outside Sri Lanka in favor of the account holder through the banking system.
  • Transfers from Inward Investment Accounts (IIA) or accounts maintained in the Offshore Banking Unit by the account holder, out of the proceeds received as inward remittances after 8th April 2020.


  • Outward remittances of maturity proceeds upon maturity of the term deposit.
  • Transfer of maturity proceeds of Special Deposit Accounts term deposits to an Inward Investment Account or an account maintained in the Offshore Banking Unit by the same account holder.
  • Disbursements in Sri Lanka in Sri Lanka Rupees.
Overseas Representatives

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